CTP Plate Output

We output plates for other printers

If you need CTP output for your press, please contact us at 1-866-210-6040.

We provide prepress services and image plates for several printers who do not have enough volume to justify a full time CTP device. We also image plates for printers whose CTP has broken down and need plates in a hurry. Plate prices vary according to plate size, thickness and quantity, please call us for a quote.

Printing plates are delicate so we do not ship them across Canada. Our plate output service is limited to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Plates can be picked up at our location in Richmond Hill, or we can courier them to you for an extra charge. We can courier plates to Newmarket, Aurora, Markham, Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, Mississauga, Brampton or anywhere within the Greater Toronto Area.

Common Plates in Stock

We do not image plates for Heidelberg QuickMaster series of presses. This plate is too small for our machine.

Files we accept for output

We accept imposed, plate ready PDF files. Please contact us before creating your PDF to ensure specifications meet our requirements for plate output.

We can impose your files to your specifications. You need to specify paper size, gutters and position.

We accept all Adobe CS Suite files up to the current version. We also accept QuarkXpress Files. We do not accept Microsoft Publisher, Corel Draw or other native files. If you use software other than Adobe or Quark, you may export your native files as PDF, TIFF or EPS for us to impose and output.

Our Fuji XMF Workflow has an excellent trap engine built in. We do not charge extra for automatic trapping. Some modifications may be made to trap styles at no extra charge. If you prefer to supply trapped files, please let us know the file supplied is already trapped.

We can supply ROOM proofs (RIP Once, Output Many). This means your proof is an exact representation of your plates. We can either provide you with Epson Proofs or rasterized PDF Proofs you can output on your own inkjet proofing device.

Our CTP Machine

Fuji Luxel Thermal Computer to Plate

Our Plates

Fuji LHPJ Plate (J Plate)
Plate Calibration and Linearization

Plates output as a service are linear in output, by default. This means 50% in the file is 50% on the plate. Plate linearization curves are generally not applied for customers using this service as a temporary measure for a broken CTP device. On going plate users may specify plate curves.

Because we use this plate machine for our own plates, we calibrate and clean the machine routinely. Plates are calibrated to within 1% maximum variance.